Jewelry Care

At Misayo House, we take pride in providing our clients with the highest quality fine fashion jewelry. All of our pieces are Hypoallergenic, Lead & Nickel Free! They are double-plated in either 14-18k white/yellow/rose gold or genuine rhodium to ensure exquisite quality and with proper care, they can last for years!Please limit the exposure of your jewelry to WATER! Also chemicals in hand sanitizer, soaps, perfumes and lotions can be harsh on plated jewelry and may affect the wear. With proper care, storage and cleaning of your jewelry; you will help maintain the appearance of your jewelry. Misayo House is not responsible for the maintenance of your jewelry and does not polish purchased jewelry.

  • Avoid wearing your jewelry while swimming, in the shower or leaving it on your bathroom sink and avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, rubbing alcohol or hair products. This can quickly tarnish and rust your products. Keep in mind, all jewelry (including platinum & gold) will wear over time. Limiting exposure to water and minimizing moisture will increase longevity. 
  • When you are not wearing your jewelry, store them in a box or pouch that we provide. Try to separate the pieces individually to prevent scratches to stones and metals. You can also store your pieces in a fabric-lined case with separate compartments, or wrap them individually in soft tissue paper. 
  • A jewelry polishing cloth is something great to clean your jewels every month or two. Use a dry jewelry polish cloth or solution periodically for sterling silver pieces.
  • For plated pieces, use a very soft cloth. Too much abrasion or rubbing will wear the piece too fast. No liquids or solutions are necessary. A great thing about Misayo House jewelry is if they do show signs of significant wearing, professional jewelers in your area will be able to apply another plate of rhodium. This is actually very common.
  • While lasting and durable, your jewelry can become scratched or dented, particularly if handled roughly. Regularly check for loose prongs or any damage, promptly bringing it to a professional jeweler for repair if needed.